International employment law services

Data Privacy

We work with corporations to ensure compliance and give a clear understanding on rules relating to the processing of information.

Ius Laboris - Data Privacy


We are your expert in all areas of workplace discrimination and advocates for each of our clients, covering all issues relating to anti-discrimination law.

Ius Laboris - Equal Pay

Employee Compensation & Benefits

At Ius Laboris, we work with clients to attract and retain talented employees through the agreement of salary and benefits packages.

Ius Laboris - Employee Compensation & Benefits

Global Mobility

At Ius Laboris, we understand that your people are your most important asset and will help you to move your employees to where they need to be.

Ius Laboris - Global Mobility

Individual Employment Rights

The Ius Laboris legal team from 58 countries, provides expert guidance to both employers and employees in the event of individual dismissals. 

Ius Laboris - Individual Employment Rights

Occupational Health and Safety

Ius Laboris specialises in advising and supporting management in both local and international occupational health and safety matters.

Ius Laboris Occupational Health and Safety.


We advise our clients on pensions in a straightforward and accessible way and have an in-depth knowledge of occupational pensions law across the piece.

Ius Laboris - Pensions


Ius Laboris works with a range of organisations throughout the world in cross border corporate restructuring assignments.                                                   

Ius Laboris - Health & Safety