EMEA-Wide Restructuring Case Study

When one of the world’s leading multinational pharmaceutical companies had to restructure at an EMEA level, ensuring compliance across all jurisdictions, it came to us for help. Ius Laboris appointed a specially-trained project manager to coordinate advice to the client in the eight countries affected, covering:

  • Individual dismissals;
  • Collective dismissals;
  • Information and consultation procedures;
  • Plant closures; and,
  • Transfer of undertakings.

Any company that has undergone a continental restructuring will testify that it usually goes hand-in-hand with complex and sensitive challenges. When it comes to Human Resources law issues, multinational corporations face an additional challenge: the need to coordinate restructuring on a company-wide level while at the same time ensuring local compliance in the different jurisdictions involved. Such challenges come second nature to our member firms and lawyers, because our single focus is on advising clients on all aspects of human resources law using local experts around the world.

In this instance, Ius Laboris was able to help the company successfully simplify its organisation and significantly downsize its headcount, whilst efficiently dealing with a complex global matrix and significant time pressures.