Data Privacy Law

Ius Laboris works with corporations to ensure compliance and give a clear understanding on rules relating to the processing of information, as they stand now and how they will be reshaped in the future. After all, data privacy is a hot topic in the technological age and raises important issues for individuals and businesses alike.


Public Attention on Data Privacy

At Ius Laboris, we understand that data privacy is an evolving area of law and that it can be hard for businesses to keep pace. This is why our data privacy lawyers act as your partners in managing privacy and data protection for your workforce. Our data privacy experts work to ensure compliance with data protection law. They offer advice on all forms of data processing, including collection, storage, use, retention, rectification and deletion.

Our Services

We provide legal advice on a whole range of data protection issues. This is some of what we do:

  • Setting up appropriate workplace data privacy and social media policies
  • Advising on data security
  • Helping clients deal with data breaches
  • Advising on the monitoring of electronic communications, camera surveillance etc.
  • Providing help and advice with GDPR compliance in the EU
  • Doing data audits and advising on compliance based on the kind of data each client holds

GDPR Compliance

Many businesses fail to comply with data privacy law simply because they don’t have total visibility of the data they hold. This can be due to a lack of auditing and appropriate advice. For example, do you know if your business is ready for what is happening in the EU on 25 May 2018? If you are not aware of the significance of this date, it may be time to be brought up to speed on the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force then. The GDPR radically alters the rules on data protection in the EU and has implications for any business that interfaces with EU countries.  

Data Protection Policies

Data privacy issues arise in the workforce every single day. For example, when you decide how to handle sensitive information, such as employees’ health data, you are addressing issues of data privacy. Privacy issues also include any dealings with national data protection authorities, cross-border data transfers, pre-employment screening of job applicants, monitoring employees’ electronic communications and internet usage and regulating employees’ social media activity. With such a vast scope, it is important that corporations seek guidance from a partner with expertise in the field.

The consequences of data breaches – particularly in the EU under the GDPR – can include significant financial penalties and reputational damage, which is why it’s important for all businesses to commit to staying up-to-date with all privacy issues. Ius Laboris works to ensure that you can do that - and that the knowledge you gain is translated into clear and coherent policies and procedures that employees understand.

Expert Group

To ensure we keep abreast of all developments in the field of data privacy, our lawyers have formed the Data Privacy Expert Group, which collaborates to provide guidance across Ius Laboris and to our clients worldwide. The Expert Group is spearheaded by Steve Lorber  and Jessica Jacobi .