Employee Compensation & Benefits

At Ius Laboris, we work with clients to attract and retain talented employees through the agreement of salary and benefits packages.


Employee and Executive Compensation

Employee and executive compensation and benefits is one of the most important elements of being an employer and is an area that our clients often need the most guidance on. After all, issues of benefits and compensation include salary, minimum wage, holiday pay, income tax, social security, benefits in kind, stock options and payments due upon termination. With so many factors to manage, our clients partner with Ius Laboris lawyers to ensure agreement and anticipate problems before they happen. We know that competitive compensation and benefits arrangements are fundamental to attracting top-tier talent and offer real-world solutions to enhance your workforce.

Our Services

We provide legal advice on the full whole range of pay and benefits issues. Here is some of what we advise on:

  • Incentives for employees
  • Tax planning
  • Social security
  • Bonus schemes and stock options
  • International projects to harmonise pay and benefits across multiple countries

Benefits all Around the World

The main challenge for international employers is not just that legal requirements are rapidly changing but that they also vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Clients with an international footprint rely on our seamless service, drawing on the expertise of over 50 member firms from around the world. Our lawyers in Europe, the United States, Canada, South America, the Middle East and Asia can deliver both local and cross border advice on the full range of employee benefit and compensation issues and help you to harmonise terms and conditions throughout your network.

Social Security Comparison

We aim to keep our clients abreast of all key issues impacting their business. Our guide to social security compares the percentages and types of social security across 40 jurisdictions and details of what each country’s scheme covers, whether there are any caps or thresholds for payment and what both the employer and employee are required to pay.

Expert Group

To ensure we keep abreast of all developments in the field of data privacy, our lawyers have formed the Compensation and Benefits Expert Group, which collaborates to provide guidance across Ius Laboris and to our clients worldwide. The Expert Group is spearheaded by  Emanuela Nespoli .