Individual Employment Rights

Ius Laboris provides expert guidance to employers on the employment rights of their employees.

Ius Laboris - Individual Employment Rights

Individual Employment Contracts

The employment contract of each individual is their starting point – and vitally important to get right. We offer advice on terms and conditions and on any unusual or tricky areas, such as non-competition clauses. The better the employment relationship is set up, the better the chances it will continue and thrive.

Our Services

We provide legal advice on the full range of individual employment rights. Here is just some of what we advise on:

  • Individual employment contracts
  • Special contractual issues, such as non-compete clauses
  • Employment policies and staff handbooks
  • HR audits
  • Disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Low performance management
  • Internal investigations
  • Individual dismissals

Conduct, Performance and Complaint Handling

Our clients sometimes ask our advice when an employee is not performing well enough, or if they suspect wrongdoing by the employee. In a similar vein, there are times when an employee might want to complain or report an issue. In all these situations, there need to be solid policies and procedures in place so that whatever decisions are made are fair, reasoned and justifiable. We advise on workplace policies and strive to ensure they are up to the job - whatever situation arises.

Individual Dismissals

In many jurisdictions, general dissatisfaction with performance is not enough to fulfil the legal requirements for dismissal.  But what amounts to ‘just cause’ varies from country to country, which is why it’s important for multinationals to partner with lawyers who can navigate this. Our employment law experts, from over 50 countries, can help you understand each system’s procedures and protections against dismissal. This includes managing prior warnings and notice periods, gathering evidence about performance, seeking administrative approvals and managing the legal impact of carrying out a dismissal. We work with clients towards to best outcome – but if it comes to it, we can advise on fair termination and can assist in negotiating terms and settlements, including with the employee’s union.

Severance Pay Map

Legal obligation to pay severance

Severance pay is not automatic in every country but our survey of around 50 countries shows that it is prevalent in one form or another in many places. Even so, its availability very much depends on the circumstances of the termination. Click on individual countries or use the tabs at the top of the page to find out more about the rules in each country.


Ius Laboris Individual Employment Rights Severance Pay Map

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Dr. Alexander Ulrich

Dr. Alexander Ulrich

Chair Individual Employment Rights