Discrimination law

Ius Laboris are advocates for each of our clients, covering all issues relating to anti-discrimination law. This includes ensuring compliance and that policies are in place to help prevent discrimination in the workplace.

Ius Laboris - Discrimination Law

Workplace Discrimination

Navigating discrimination legislation is tricky, but it is even more complicated when an employer’s footprint spans a wide variety of countries, each with its own law and culture. This is why Ius Laboris offers you the services of lawyers from over 50 countries worldwide. We are your expert in all areas of workplace discrimination and can advise on issues relating, for example, to race, marital status, age, gender, religion or belief, disability, health, social status or sexual orientation.

Our Services

We provide legal advice on a whole range of discrimination issues. Here is some of what we can provide:

  • Workplace policies that seek to ensure equality and fairness across the workplace and minimise the risk of breach of the law
  • Advice on all characteristics protected by law (e.g. age, gender, disability, etc.)
  • Workplace audits, for example, for gender pay gap
  • Representation before the courts, where a claim has been made

Employer Responsibility

We advise on all aspects of discrimination, including the prevention of discrimination by both the employer and employees in the workplace. In this way, we help all parties strive for fairness at work. This includes ensuring policies are in place to embed equality and diversity, paired with a zero-tolerance approach to harassment and bullying.

Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap is rising on the political agenda in many countries around the world. Despite equal pay laws having become commonplace in many places more than just a few years ago, the gap stubbornly persists. To try to combat this, some countries are starting enact legislation, for example, requiring transparent, public reporting on pay. We advise on compliance with those laws and recommend best practice. We also advise many of the world’s leading multinationals on how to prevent workplace discrimination more generally. 

Value Added Services

We recognise that your management and stakeholders need access to information to allow them to make employment decisions quickly. This is why our lawyers stay at the forefront of all legal developments, predicting trends, putting compliance tools in place and sharing our insights with clients. 

Expert Group

To ensure we keep abreast of all developments in the field of discrimination, our lawyers have formed the Discrimination Expert Group, which collaborates to provide guidance across Ius Laboris and to our clients worldwide. The Expert Group is spearheaded by Yvonne Frederiksen.


Yvonne  Frederiksen

Yvonne Frederiksen

Chair Discrimination