Occupational Pensions

Ius Laboris lawyers span more than 50 countries and we have an in-depth knowledge of occupational pensions law across the piece. We advise our clients on pensions in a straightforward and accessible way.

Ius Laboris Pensions

Occupational Pensions

At Ius Laboris, we understand that pensions law is more complex than ever for companies with an international presence, which is why we work to deliver practical solutions to complex problems. We are experts in a wide range of pensions law issues and advise on all sizes and structures of schemes across all industry sectors. Our involvement ranges from one-off projects to year-round management of schemes including investment, financing, disputes, employment and tax issues. Our Ius Laboris lawyers are committed to staying abreast of all developments in the field, ensuring that our clients are continually aware of the legislation changes that impact them.

Our Services

We provide legal advice on a whole range of pensions issues. Here is some of what we advise on:

  • Corporate pensions strategy
  • Investment structures and funding solutions
  • European cross border pension schemes
  • Governance
  • Consolidation and harmonisation of pensions arrangements, for example, after a restructuring or outsourcing
  • A variety of long term savings options that can be made available to employees
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Dispute resolution

Multidisciplinary approach

Pensions law can impact on various other areas of law, which is why it makes sense for us to partner with employment lawyers who have a broad range of expertise. Our pensions lawyers across Ius Laboris work particularly with lawyers specialising in mobility, restructuring and employee compensation and benefits. It’s this cross functional expertise that makes us the go-to for many multinationals, advising them on the main requirements for the operation of pensions arrangements in various jurisdictions.

Value Added Services

We are specialists in pensions law and regularly provide legal updates, guides and notes on recent developments in the pensions industry. We also hold client seminars, where we share our know-how and organise internal training events for aspiring pensions lawyers. At Ius Laboris, we remain committed to being the number one advocate for our clients in all issues relating to pensions law.

Expert Group

To ensure we keep abreast of all developments in the field of data privacy, our lawyers have formed the Pension Expert Group, which collaborates to provide guidance across Ius Laboris and to our clients worldwide. The Expert Group is spearheaded by Claire Carey , An Van Damme  and Michaela Berry .