Corporate Social Responsibility

At Ius Laboris, we have a strong focus on caring for both the communities in which we work and live, and for the environment.  We understand ‘giving back’ far succeeds monetary donations, and we want to ensure that our talent and energy contributes to our society in a positive and meaningful way. We aim to be viewed as a good corporate citizen in every jurisdiction that we operate in, and this is how we try to achieve that.



We believe that children are our future and work to ensure more of our next generation have access to an education system that many take for granted. This includes a commitment to building schools in underdeveloped areas and providing educational materials. On top of this, we also make a direct contribution to education - working with local schools and colleges to provide work experience and workplace interview programmes for young people.


We realise that our first environmental initiative has to start at home and are proud of many of our firms “Go Green” actions. These include challenging all staff to consider how they can help meet our environmental responsibilities and implementing environmentally conscious and energy saving changes within our offices. On top of this, many of our European firms strongly promote the use of public transport amongst all staff members.

Economic Growth

We believe in supporting the economic growth of each of our jurisdictions. Because of this, some of our firms provide free-of-charge assistance to foreign investors and free-of-charge online consultations for charitable and non-governmental organizations who, in their turn, help those in need.


Ius Laboris are proud supporters of charities all around the world - our firms partner with local charities and work to understand local communities and how best to support them. Our contributions include direct hands-on volunteering as well as fund-raising through events like half marathons and fun runs in which Ius Laboris members take part.