James Davies

James Davies


United Kingdom

Lewis Silkin LLP

5 Chancery, Lane Clifford's Inn
London EC4A 1BL, United Kingdom


I advise a diverse group of employers large and small on everything from restructurings to discrimination claims to team moves. I have a particular interest in advising law firms on their internal employment and partnership issues and recently advised on what was reported as the largest law firm team move in recent years. From time to time I also advise senior executives. 

A major part of my practice is advising organisations on their international employment law needs. As a member of the Executive Committee of Ius Laboris, I have responsibility for the Alliance’s geographical coverage so am a good person to contact if you need the best employment law advice in, say, Gabon or Tajikistan. I am also a francophile having obtained a Diplôme d’Etudes Juridiques Françaises from the University of Strasbourg to add to my Masters degree in Employment Relations. 

I am a regular speaker at employment law conferences both domestically and internationally, Executive Editor of Age Discrimination (published by Bloomsbury), an author of Partnership and Discrimination Law for Professional Partnerships (published by Legalease) and have been a monthly contributor to Management Today for 10 years. I am also Regional Editor and National Contributor of European Employment Law Cases.

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