Pascal Lagoutte

Pascal Lagoutte


French - English


83 rue La Boétie
75008 Paris, France

Pascal Lagoutte is a founding partner and the president of Capstan, a firm of 35 partners and more than 180 lawyers, all employment and labour law specialists. An expert in all the legal aspects of employer/employee relations, he began his career in 1984. He advises on individual and collective employee relations, executive management, social security, health and safety, restructuring and immigration issues.

Pascal Lagoutte has built up a bilingual team of lawyers dedicated to assisting both national and international companies in all areas of employment and labour law.  As a founding partner of Ius Laboris, he has been involved since the beginning in developing and expanding the Alliance. He is particularly proud to be able to present a team made up of lawyers who are among the best in their area of specialisation in their home country and who speak “the same language” to explain the added value brought by Ius Laboris. Clients are invariably impressed by being able to find, in one place, the best solution for the various jurisdictions where they seek support.