The International Bar Association interviews Andrew Osborne of Ius Laboris UK Lewis Silkin

United Kingdom
08 May 2018

In an article for the International Bar Association, Andrew Osborne discusses the negative impact Brexit will have on retaining and recruiting staff from the EU.

Towards the end of last year the EU and the UK government reached a deal that will ostensibly protect the rights of both EU citizens in the UK and the millions of UK citizens living in the EU. The deal offers a glimmer of hope to the three million EU citizens living in the UK who want to remain post-Brexit.  

'There are likely to be significant labour shortages in a lot of industries in the UK as a result of Brexit,' says Andrew Osborne , partner at Lewis Silkin in Lucy Trevelyan's article for the International Bar Association . ‘Some of our clients are already finding they are not able to operate properly due to a shortage of qualified staff. Numerous clients across a range of industries say uncertainty over Brexit is negatively impacting their ability to retain staff from the EU and to recruit new staff from the EU.'

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