How are employers in the UK managing the Coronavirus outbreak? Here are two surveys to help you understand it.

26 Mar 2020

Lewis Silkin, the Ius Laboris UK member, has carried out two surveys to understand what measures HR professionals are taking to deal with the pandemic in the workplace.

Isadora Barros

The coronavirus pandemic has required organisations to take certain measures to ensure the safety of their employees and help them adapt to a period of isolation.  Lewis Silkin has carefully analysed how UK employers have been tackling the issue, by conducting two surveys in succession.

The first survey looked at the period between 5 and 9 March 2020, when employers were starting to take action. The second survey was one week ahead, between 16 and 19 March 2020, when cases in the UK had already increased significantly. HR leaders and in-house counsel in more than 65 companies responded to questions about the measures they were taking.

A great deal seems to have changed between one survey and the next. While initially, the focus was on travel restrictions and sick pay, later, themes such as school closures and mental health have risen up the agenda. The second survey looks at all these issues and proposes next steps for employers. Partner James Davies and Managing Practice Development Lawyer Gemma Taylor are the authors of both studies.

See surveys 1 and 2  on how UK employers are managing the pandemic.