Ius Laboris publishes the annual report “The Word 2020: Forces for Change”

Ius Laboris news
22 Jan 2020

This year’s research shows that 97% of HR and legal professionals think technology will make a difference in HR

Isadora Barros

“The Word 2020: Forces for Change” targets important and current topics of employment law such as the rising demand for flexible working, talent shortage, the effect of innovative technologies and other forces driving change on the way we work. The study was conducted among 425 senior HR and legal professionals across 25 countries throughout Europe and North America.

One of our most important findings refers to the perception of technology by HR and legal professionals: 97% of the respondents think technology will make a difference in HR. However, only 37% of the organisations have implemented an HR technology strategy. The respondents also pointed out three areas that they believe will be most impacted by technology: optimization of recruitment process (25%), management of remote workforce (17%), and workplace productivity (16%).

You can read or download "The Word 2020: Forces for Change"  here .